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iBitt can trade OTC with clients to buy or sell BITCOIN or ETHEREUM for a range of FIAT currencies. Price Fluctuations.



For realtime trading please login, or make a trade request

  • 1. Register at and verify your account with ID documents.
  • 2. Deposit FIAT or Crypto to your ibitt wallets.
  • 3. Once your account is funded, contact ibitt OTC trading desk via Telegram messenge >
  • 4. Check current market pricing on this page.
  • 5. One of our OTC desk admins will personally quote and execute your trade request at best available price.
  • 6. Funds will be deducted from your ibitt wallet balance and credited to your chosen currency balance.
  • 7. Withdrawals of FIAT or crypto can be processed immediately following the trade.


a. Sign up at as an individual user and provide your ID to verify your account.
b. Once verified, head to ‘Deposits’ page and choose your currency to deposit. You will see crypto wallet addresses, or FIAT bank account details - depending on the currency selected.
c. After deposit of at least $10,000 is made then contact OTC trading desk via telegram -
a. OTC trading desk provides a more personal service and preferential pricing for higher value trades. Limit and Market orders are available.
b. OTC services are only available for trades of more than $10,000 (or equivalent value).
c. OTC trades are completed manually by our team using the balances from your ibitt wallets.
d. Liquidity levels for OTC trades are higher than on iBitt exchange.
e. OTC trading fees are lower.
a. iBitt is a cryptocurrency exchange that is based in UK, Chile and Peru. We have physical offices where you can come to meet us, including a fully secure currency exchange agency in central Santiago where crypto can be traded for cash or bank transfers.
b. iBitt has been trading for over 2 years and it expanding across LATAM region to cover Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela and Panama.
c. We have official regulation from the Financial regulator of Chile (UAF) and are official partners of Bittrex USA, whom we have met in person and maintain daily communications. Our KYC and compliance processes have been audited and pass approval from numerous organisations in the financial industry.
d. We transact over $1,000,000 on a weekly basis and are easily able to serve our customers with defined and proven processes and service providers. iBitt exchange can be used 24/7 by users from around the world to buy/sell cryptos using a range of FIAT currencies.
e. Our banking relationships are one of our prize assets, enabling us to offer multiple services and FIAT onramps that most exchanges shy away from. This is testament to our compliance processes and financial stability.
f. Lastly, our most compelling recommendation is from our thousands of satisfied customers, who are in our social media groups. Check our website for links. (
a. Trades can be executed immediately on request to our OTC desk, if you have sufficient funds deposited to your ibitt account.
b. Crypto deposits usually take up to 60 minutes to credit to your wallet balance. FIAT deposits to our bank accounts can take up to 24 hours to be credited to your account following receipt of funds by our bank. Please check with your bank to calculate the exact timescale for your deposit to be credited by SEPA or SWIFT transfer.
c. Withdrawals of crypto can be processed within 60 minutes following execution of an OTC trade. FIAT withdrawals can be processed within 1 banking day and will usually (but not always) arrive to your bank account on the next day.
d. iBitt OTC desk is available between 9am to 12am GMT time.
a. $100 for FIAT deposits / withdrawals.
b. FREE for Crypto deposits/ withdrawals.
c. Trade pricing as quoted on
d. Prices will vary depending on the FIAT currency used.
e. Custom price quotes will be given by OTC trading team.
a. USA – we can serve but additional verification documents will be required before trading. Minimum trade value $50,000. A regulated settlement partner will be used to serve our USA clients.
b. Not served : iran, Syria, North korea, Cuba, Afghanistan, Pakistan, kyrgistan, PEPs or SDNs (Specially designated Nationals) from any country who appear on OFAC sanction lists.
c. Users unable to provide suitable ID and verification documents.
d. Suspicious activity, 3rd party payments, fraudulent or unauthorised account users.
e. Any users suspected (as defined by a valid legal process) of terrorism, acts of war, identity theft, espionage or money laundering.
Trading Terms:

Welcome to iBitt OTC trade request APP.

Here you can request to Buy or Sell higher amounts of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
You do not need trading account at this stage and we will reply to your request with a personalised price quote and process instructions.

Please select the currency and trade amount you require.
Minimum trade amount is 2BTC or $20,000 There is no maximum limit.

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